Arms Uncrossed

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© 2012

Arms Uncrossed traces vulnerability, love, regret, and the bittersweet best of times that make up the everyday ever after.

Songs ©2008-2011 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz except “Arms Uncrossed” ©2001, 2005 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz and “Over My Head” (African American Spiritual).

Vocals: Maria and Christopher Clymer Kurtz, Craig Zook,
Noemi Clymer Kurtz (“Over my Head”)
Guitars: Christopher Clymer Kurtz
Drums: Craig Zook    Drums Technician: Gabe Steelman
Bass and piano: Chad Altenberger

Recorded and produced by Chad Altenberger, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Photography by Jennifer Murch (cover, band) and
Christopher Clymer Kurtz (nights)