Clymer & Kurtz

“Freshly original” … “outside the usual run” … “subtle and always imaginative” … READ MORE APPLAUSE

Folk-rock singer-songwriter duo Clymer & Kurtz seamlessly blends intense and gentle melodies textured with harmonies, agile and inventive guitar playing, piano, and sometimes percussion. Based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Maria Clymer and Christopher Kurtz have collaborated for decades, crafting music that is at once simple and rich, emotive and unique. READ MORE

A Clymer & Kurtz desk-front performance of “Nothing You Can Do” (© 2023 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz) for the 2023 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest
Clymer & Kurtz perform “She Got Him” (©℗ 2015 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz, from Here Comes the Moon) during a Songwriters in the Round that also featured Trent Wagler (The Steel Wheels) and Devon Sproule in Harrisonburg, VA. The February 13, 2020 event was hosted by the EMU Music Department and Composer Collective.