With Shekinah, “I’m Going Home”

With Shekinah, “I’m Going Home”

Since 2013 Maria has been a member of the women’s vocal ensemble Shekinah, which is celebrating its 20th year. At the end of our shared concert we sang a few songs together, including one that Christopher wrote with Julie Durbin, Bel Klingensmith, and Michael Shelata at Over the Rhine’s Nowhere Else songwriting workshop in March, called “I’m Going Home.”

Shekinah and Clymer & Kurtz perform “I’m Going Home” (© 2023 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz, Julie Durbin, Bel Klingensmith, and Michael Shelata)


I’m going home, back to my family
It’s been so long, I’m going home

I’ve been okay with unfamiliar
Mountain winds, desert soil
My suitcase bears the marks of travel
Scuffed and worn, I’m going home

Toss these hotel linens, leave these no-place chains
Give me sunshine through the pines
Ditch this roadside living, dusty remains

Back home, what ties are broken?
What fires burn back home?

So take me home, back to my family
I surrender, I’m going home