Evening Will Come – single


In the brush strokes of a single day, Evening Will Come hauntingly paints the love of a lifetime while imagining its loss.


℗© 2024 Clymer & Kurtz

Written by Maria Clymer Kurtz
Piano and vocal by Maria Clymer Kurtz
Guitars and vocals by Christopher Clymer Kurtz
Mixing and production by Christopher Clymer Kurtz
Cover photo by Noemi Clymer Kurtz
Mastering by Chad Altenberger

Cinematographer/director: Mark Farmwald

Thematic artwork by Ian Yoder / Photo by Heidi Wenger Yoder


Evening Will Come
© 2023 by Maria Clymer Kurtz

Moonlight’s tangled in your hair
While you sleep I fondly stare
And search for poems in the air
To catch with pen and paper

I’m scribbling in the dim sunrise
A song to help me memorize
The way you kiss me with your eyes
And light me like a candle

We drank to youth, we tasted tears
The honeyed hours, the hungry years
You’re still the only one who hears
The music of my heartbeat

All I hear is my name on your tongue
All I see is your face when we were young
All I know is evening will come
Evening will come

We never felt a warmer sun
We spent our moments one by one
We still can’t see the hourglass run
But we can feel it pouring

Sunlight’s pressing like a kiss
The shimmer of elusive bliss
If only we could capture this
And crystalize the future

I want to start the clock again
To have and hold you now and then
I’d take you to the rainbow’s end
And stop the setting sun
We cannot see around that bend
The midnight call, the long descent
Oh baby, can we still pretend
Our day will never end

Shadows crawl across the lawn
My ink and paper almost done
How will I sing when you are gone
Cold stars my only lantern